Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Finished Austin

Thats right folks.Me and my comrades finished Austin and other parts of Texas @ SXSW.
I went out there with my dude John Contreras and met up with the Chicago Massive.
Got to play Steinski , Drank alot of free beer , met alot of cool new people , and seen alot of old friends.
To many shout outs at this point i can't or my head will die.Made some things happen but i don't wanna speak on them as of yet. Not until they come true at least.

So for now i will post up links to photos of SXSW by some good friends. (my camera was stolen out of my car and i need to get a new one)

Diane (SanFranFam) photos

Serg & Dj Stef (Beer and Rap Official Pics)

aaannnddd Dj Intels (

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Later this week i will be posting up some free mixes that Intel made,plus a mix him and i made for Formula ( ) and the elusive "Meat your Maker" all chicago mix meaty and i made a few years back.

Also some new music! Got a bunch of new raers two weeks ago,i have to sort threw them and i will post up some new jawns. As well as some Reggae favs from my collection.

And not but not least... my homie Mike B just sent me this link.
Tape Scratching.. Next Level!

Till then.

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