Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello Stranger

So I'm back.Long week since and I'm putting this up right now before i get back to work.
Well i finished the internet again and i am going to SXSW this year!!
I will be playing @
:March 15. Sang Presents: The Lessons SXSW Edition. Steinski, The Comeups (Djs Intel,Maker and Pickel) and Richard Henry. Firehouse Lounge 605 Bravos, Austin TX:
Today i find myself listening to a record i got at a thrift store the other day."Im Doin' Fine Now" by New York City. My Homie Dj MTM
had this song on one of his mixes a while back and he put me up on it and i was happy to find it."Sanity" by New York City.

Also Just sold this W.E.B.N. record on eBay. Has the og version of "Third Rock" by Pure Essence recently reissued by SoulCal

This song is sooooooo good. Got it in Cincinnati diggin with my dudes Zavala,Castillo,and DQ.
WEBN is a Radio Station Comp in Cincinatti with all local artists.The Drummer in the group Antonio Reid (a.k.a. L.A. Reid) is now the Chairman of Universal-DefJam and co-founder of LaFace records.

Time to ship records,on that note my homie Jane sent me this song and i thought i would share it.Back story is in the beginning :

If your having a stressful day, just hum this song and it'll get you along.(this ones for Sang)

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