Saturday, March 29, 2008


Woooh! I totally finished the internets today!Multiple updates today.

Wahonka is a love album. A love destroyed by a girl's disapproving parents. A love so strong that it will be reborn in another time and another place. Ed Wahonka , a Shoshonee Indian from New Jersey , tells this story in his songs.Born in 1943 , he started playing and singing with his own band at the age of fourteen.
Listen to Ed Wahonka's love story.

Thats what the back of the record reads.Self-titled native soul for your face.
No year on the Super K label.

Sparkling Mary - Wahonka

Emergency - Wahonka

Thats Betty - Wahonka

James Brown Tribute

playlist--------"Heaven Just Got A Little Funkier"
All songs are James Brown unless otherwise noted
Dj Maker and Intel

track1. Funky President - (edit)
track2. Blind Man Can't See It -
track3. Payback
track4. Funky Drummer (edit)
track5. Get Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine Part1)
track6. Get on the Goodfoot
track7. Superbad (part 1&2)
track8. Get On Up,Get Into It,Get Involved (part1&2 edit)
track9. I Got That Feelin'
track10.Pass the Peas -The J.B's
track11.I Know You Got Soul - Bobby Bird
track12.The J.B's Monorail -Fred & The New J.B's
track13.Think - Lynn Collins
track14.The Message from the Soul Sisters prt1-Myra Barnes
track15.Mama Feel Good - Lynn Collins
track16.Its My Thing - Marva Whitney
track17.Undwind Yourself -Marva Whitney(edit)
track19.The Chicken
track20.Funky and Some - The Last Word
track21.Cold Sweat Medley - Mango Santamaria
track22.I Luv Myself Better Than I Luv Myself - Bill Cosby
track23.Like it is ,Like it was


Steady Wailin Sid

Steady Wailin Sid - Spirit of 76 with Love
The extremely raer Indiana Soul LP from 1976 on Rocksteady Records out of Evansville,Ind.Not to much info on this one.I have seen it on a couple walls and .
I know Sid released a few 45's and thats about it for the Lp's.
On the heater chart i would say its about a 5 out of ten.Not the greatest album back to front but this song Mechanic it one of my favorites.

I Uploaded a few for the people of the internets.My Favs on the record.

Mechanic - Steady Wailin Sid

Spirit of 76 - Steady Wailin Sid

When Times Were Good - Steady Wailin Sid

Kaplan Brothers - Nightbird

The Kaplan Brothers - Nightbird has been one of my favorite records for a long time now.
There is really no explaining it.Just imagining the trio in the studio (or garage/basement) making this record enters my thoughts into a faraway land of dreams , mystery , and wedding singer weekends.This Private jump off is a little off the radar although i have heard a few people talk about it.I even heard they may have been a hotel lounge act from IL or Mich.
The vocals are so intense they are almost can't believe your ears. I think thats why i love it!Dude almost sounds like Cher sometimes , its weird.Cool b&w psych art design cover, too, issued as a private press on their Quinton Record Co. no number sometime in the '70s. DL Cover art here

Just gotta hear it for yourself.I recorded a few songs from the record.they all blend into themselves but i cut them up into separate tracks so they will end suddenly only to begin on the next song. I am going to post up some more favorites real soon.

Vodka and Caviare - Kaplan Brothers

Epitaph - Kaplan Brothers

Listen to the Falling Rain - Kaplan Brothers

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Finished Austin

Thats right folks.Me and my comrades finished Austin and other parts of Texas @ SXSW.
I went out there with my dude John Contreras and met up with the Chicago Massive.
Got to play Steinski , Drank alot of free beer , met alot of cool new people , and seen alot of old friends.
To many shout outs at this point i can't or my head will die.Made some things happen but i don't wanna speak on them as of yet. Not until they come true at least.

So for now i will post up links to photos of SXSW by some good friends. (my camera was stolen out of my car and i need to get a new one)

Diane (SanFranFam) photos

Serg & Dj Stef (Beer and Rap Official Pics)

aaannnddd Dj Intels (

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Later this week i will be posting up some free mixes that Intel made,plus a mix him and i made for Formula ( ) and the elusive "Meat your Maker" all chicago mix meaty and i made a few years back.

Also some new music! Got a bunch of new raers two weeks ago,i have to sort threw them and i will post up some new jawns. As well as some Reggae favs from my collection.

And not but not least... my homie Mike B just sent me this link.
Tape Scratching.. Next Level!

Till then.