Saturday, March 29, 2008


Woooh! I totally finished the internets today!Multiple updates today.

Wahonka is a love album. A love destroyed by a girl's disapproving parents. A love so strong that it will be reborn in another time and another place. Ed Wahonka , a Shoshonee Indian from New Jersey , tells this story in his songs.Born in 1943 , he started playing and singing with his own band at the age of fourteen.
Listen to Ed Wahonka's love story.

Thats what the back of the record reads.Self-titled native soul for your face.
No year on the Super K label.

Sparkling Mary - Wahonka

Emergency - Wahonka

Thats Betty - Wahonka


jane said...

i'm sad the internet is over. but if it had to go, at least it went out with a bang.

raist said...

That shit is dope!