Saturday, March 29, 2008

Steady Wailin Sid

Steady Wailin Sid - Spirit of 76 with Love
The extremely raer Indiana Soul LP from 1976 on Rocksteady Records out of Evansville,Ind.Not to much info on this one.I have seen it on a couple walls and .
I know Sid released a few 45's and thats about it for the Lp's.
On the heater chart i would say its about a 5 out of ten.Not the greatest album back to front but this song Mechanic it one of my favorites.

I Uploaded a few for the people of the internets.My Favs on the record.

Mechanic - Steady Wailin Sid

Spirit of 76 - Steady Wailin Sid

When Times Were Good - Steady Wailin Sid


jdogg said...

I met Sid the other day in Evansville, where I was on business. He told me of writing for the Black newspaper in Evansville in the 1950's, and recording at Stax and Willie Mitchell's studios in Memphis. He knew Sunbeam Mitchell, the legendary owner of Memphis' Club Paradise, and used to own his own nightclub called the Kitty Kat Lounge on Riverside drive in Evansville. The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, Sid still lives in Evansville, and owns the city's only Black weekly newspaper. He can be occasionally seen performing at Deerheads Sidewalk Cafe in Evansville.

Funkopathe said...

Hello Shoot Breeze,
Thanx for the samples:
real killer soul!!!!
I love it.
I chase this one since couple of years, unfortunatly without succes...
For other rare worldwide deep funk check my radiopodcast:
See U there
All the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Sid is the man! Used to chill with him a bit down at the civic center and still have one of his tapes he mixed for me somewhere. I was searching for that one that has the drug lyrics like "cola...but I ain't talking bout soda-pop" -- "syrup...but you sure don't put it on a waffle top"

And my dad's fave, Aura Lee (I want you to do a thang ta me).

hit me at superfakemail at if you have any good copies...otherwise I'll just track him down again

Still remember the headline NINE ONE ONE OH ONE! from 9/11 when he used to send my dad a copy of his rag.