Friday, May 23, 2008

Que Bravo

Keep it Moving. Its been a while since i have updated so i am just playing catch up over here.

Latin Jawns Part 2 is the works of Joe Bravo.
Lowrider Oldies enthusiasts all know the song "Its Ok".
But going deeper into his album "Please Call me Baby"(1970 Certron) you hear the many styles of Joe Bravo.
Its littered with everything from funky/soul jams to straight up Tejano Ballads.
Heres a couple highlights from record.

"Think It Over" - Joe Bravo

"Again" - Joe Bravo

"Its Ok" - Joe Bravo

My Favorite Jackson 5 song

The homie Nuntida and I were discussing this the other day and i promised i would pass this song along.
The first time i got put up on this song was by a mix that Kevin Beacham made years ago(Thanks Kevin!).
I think its a wonderful song thats a little slept on.I certainly slept on it until i listened to that mix for a whole summer.

"Reach In" Jackson 5 ( Third Album - 1970 - Motown)

Latin Jawns

excerpt from Maker's blog:

Some Latin Jawns freshly uploaded for your listening pleasure. I picked four that each had a different style but were really great songs.

Orquestra Los Melodico "La Murga" (197? on Discolando 7')

Thi is a cover of the Hector Lavoe classic. Still very similar to the original version except for the added swing. The horns are recorded exceptionally well. One of my Favorite songs.

Orquestra Los Melodico - "La Murga"

Willie Rosario "Amor en Serio" (1978 on TH 7')

This is a dance floor grinder only made for the right amount of grown and sexiness to handle. "If i was lying i would be laughing" is what they are chanting on the hook, trying to explain to the
sexys that the game they spit is serious.

Willie Rosario - "Amor En Serio"

Katunga laid it down proper with the hit "Palo Bonito" (1975 on Arcano 7')
Dance floor to B-Boy circle, this cut is full of energy but never looses its groove.
This version is a different mix than the release on RCA (w/ b-side "Oh Cherie")

Katunga - "Palo Bonito"

Los Socios Del Ritmo "No Te Olvidare" (197? on Parnaso 7')

Very Funky Mexican love songs that don't sound like every other Angeles Negros Beatnut sample are treats in my book (and by book i mean blog). I kiiiiidddd! This is a very funky cut with some great
organ work.

Los Socios Del Ritmo - "No Te Olvidare"