Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kaplan Brothers - Nightbird

The Kaplan Brothers - Nightbird has been one of my favorite records for a long time now.
There is really no explaining it.Just imagining the trio in the studio (or garage/basement) making this record enters my thoughts into a faraway land of dreams , mystery , and wedding singer weekends.This Private jump off is a little off the radar although i have heard a few people talk about it.I even heard they may have been a hotel lounge act from IL or Mich.
The vocals are so intense they are almost can't believe your ears. I think thats why i love it!Dude almost sounds like Cher sometimes , its weird.Cool b&w psych art design cover, too, issued as a private press on their Quinton Record Co. no number sometime in the '70s. DL Cover art here

Just gotta hear it for yourself.I recorded a few songs from the record.they all blend into themselves but i cut them up into separate tracks so they will end suddenly only to begin on the next song. I am going to post up some more favorites real soon.

Vodka and Caviare - Kaplan Brothers

Epitaph - Kaplan Brothers

Listen to the Falling Rain - Kaplan Brothers

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