Friday, May 8, 2009

Whats up ya'll,got a remix to post up and a link to Rob Wonder's - No Static At All - Radio show i recently did.
Peep it out! Shout out to my dude Rob Wonder,thanks for having me on it was mad fun.
support Robs show,new show up each month and streaming at that link.
Also on ITunes.
Here is the International Players Anthem Remix i promised to put up.

Ugk ft. Outkast - International Players Anthem (Maker Remix)

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dj sunshine said...

Interesting. I don't really get the point of changing the willie hutch vocals (except for some "what's that sample?" nerdy thing), but I'm totally down with putting some drums over the first verse---it's just a little to long to play for a dancefloor with no beat. Btw, diggin' lots of your other remixes.